“Having Trouble Burning or Losing Fat and Inches?
Learn How You Can Lose Inches, Target Stubborn Fat,
Reduce Cellulite and See Results in under 1 Hour!”

Losing Fat and Inches can be real hard. Especially if you’ve already tried several diets and exercise. You may feel as though your only option would be liposuction. It’s not. Two leading doctors have come up with an herbal body wrap system to help with weight, inch loss, and most importantly, improving the appearance of cellulite.

Why are “Lose Fat” Wraps better than all the rest?

  • No messy wrapping or gels, all you have to do is apply it and relax while it works!
  • You could lose inches in as little as 45 minutes!
  • This product has been clinically researched for 25 years with 87% success rate.

ultimate applicator body wrap

The “Lose Fat” Body Wraps are infused with all-natural ingredients to help with inch loss, skin tightening and toning, and improving cellulite. The wrap itself contains these wonderful ingredients on a cloth like applicator. All you have to do to apply this applicator is take it out of the packaging and apply it to the specific area of your body that you want to target. That’s it! No mess and no going to a dayspa to spend hundreds of dollars!

The all-natural ingredients in these Fat Burning Body Wraps not only help improve the appearance of cellulite, they also help you target fat in specific areas such as your abs/stomach, back, face, arms, chin, and legs.

News Video about these Amazing Fat Wraps!

Each box of wraps contains 4 individually wrapped “lose fat” body wraps.

Ultimate Applicators (Box of 4) - Lose Fat Body Wraps
4-Pack of Ultimate Applicators (Body Wrap - Lose inches in 45 Minutes!)
Lose Real Fat, Not Water Loss
(Free US Shipping)

Price: $89.00

Shipping (Country Selection) :

Chin and Neck Applicators (Box of 4)
Lose Inches from your Chin and Neck area.
Works in just 45 Minutes.
Same formula as the full Body Ultimate Applicators.
(Free US Shipping)
Price: $59.00

Shipping (Country Selection) :

Single Ultimate Applicator (1)
Want to try just one?
We're so sure you'll love it, you'll come back for more.
(Free US Shipping)
Price: $27.95

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“Forget the bulge that hangs over your pants line!”
“I have used the Ultimate Body Applicator two times, both in the month of June. The Ultimate Body Applicator immediately helped to diminish the appearance of my stretch mark lines and a scar on my lower stomach. My skin looked more defined. I love the smell and the tingling sensation of the wrap. I could feel the difference in my clothes. I took measurements at each of my wraps. Over a month later I still am measuring less than my after measuring results. The Ultimate Body Applicator helps me to feel more confident about myself. Forget the bulge that hangs over your pants line!” – Brandi from Rockwell, NC


“I lost a total of 2 1/2 inches and the next day another inch!”
“I was introduced to the Ultimate Applicators in early September. After the first application I lost a total of 2 1/2 inches and the next day another inch. I think this product is wonderful for those special occasions where you want to look your best. I wish I had it around when I had to shove myself into some ugly bridesmaid dresses and even on my wedding. I just purchased another pack of four so I’m looking forward to some permanent results. – Keri from Coopersville, MI”


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